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The Importance of Character

One of the first questions to ask upon hearing someone has a story and is making videos is, “What’s it about?” or “What’s the point?” Short answers may range from love to betrayal or from the coming of age to the haziness of memory. Characters are what make stories. Without a character, there is no story to tell, only a lot of scenery. The way a character speaks can inform us of their background and personality, like how educated they are, or what they consider to be important. Even the way other characters speak to and about our characters is a form of characterization. The way a character reacts to a certain scene also teaches us about them. Characterization is a writer’s tool, or “literary device” that occurs any time the author uses details to teach us about a person. This is used over the course of a story in order to tell the tale. Some people like to live their lives through these characters, who appear to have more exciting lives. And there has to be a reason to get to the end of the road, when you're trying to come up with a character or trying to continue their growth over the course of a story, it can be hard to track. This is a new web page.

Unraveling The Map - Do you have an opening scene that defines Insider threat tactics?

  1. Unraveling The Map - Introduce us to your characters in the beginning and show us who they start the screenplay as and what are their personality traits. 
  2. The Launch Point - Put your character in a situation where their shortcomings are evident. Show us how their problems will be exposed. 
  3. The First Leg -  Put your character in situations where they learn to be different - ease them into it. 
  4. Change Course - Let your character embrace this new version of themselves and see how it can help them. 
  5. The Foot of the Mountain - What can the new and improved person accomplish? 
  6. Climbing The Side - As they go through the story show pushback on who they are versus who they used to be. Should they continue to change? 
  7. Through The Cave -  Shed some light on the new person and how these new traits change the world.  
  8. Reassess the Problem - Is there a way for the new version of the character to confront old problems? Or will they revert to who they used to be? 
  9. Try and Fail - Let the arc put the character in new and terrible situations. Let them fail at things where they used to succeed. 
  10. The Fall - How does their new self completely ruin what they wanted? Did they go too far? What can they learn? 
  11. The Hidden Clue - What personal conclusion did their emotional journey lead to that they need to embrace now? 
  12. Race To the Finish - Now, as their fulfilled self, they can tie the plot up. 
  13. The Treasure Chest - Do they change? 
  14. Where We Go From Here - Keep your options open for how that person can continue to change in the future. 

What's driving my quest?

There has to be a reason to get to the end of the road. 


The leftovers | Insider threat tactics

Insider threat tactics: The hacker speaks by Priscilla

· Priscilla Felicia Harmanus · 1993 from the Netherlands · Last update: 22 aug 2020    

How I discovered Free Software and met RMS 


No one knows who I am yet and what kind
of content I produce. So why not focus on a topic that 
people are 
already searching for, right?

Home » Research » About » IT vs OT | When Facing The Insider Threat What Happend Free Software vs Open Source | ask me

In spring 2017, the hacker took the opportunity to explain the fundamentals of the free and open source software movement to the general public. In my next video, the hacker specifies the issue and makes the stakes clear; he explains what a computer is and who controls it, what the various implications of free and open source software and of proprietary closed software are for you, the user, what you can do to stop being a victim, what the obstacles to computer-user freedom are, and how you can make a difference.

My video recordings are "designed to help communities, organizations, and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local Insider-like experiences." At these events, screenings of videos, like this one, "or a combination of live presenters and insider threat videos — sparks deep conversation and connections at the local level."

I hope you share the recording, to help raise awareness and inspire conversations and connections in your own circles, and introduce a friend, loved one, or acquaintance, to this "first step in the liberation of cyberspace."