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What if? If a pretender could be ANYONE...
How Did You Discover Linux? | Insider threat tactics

Insider threat tactics: The hacker speaks by Priscilla

· Priscilla Felicia Harmanus · 1993 from the Netherlands · Last update: 21 juli 2020    

How I discovered Free Software and met RMS 

How To Install Proprietary Closed Software in Ubuntu 
Your Grandma on linux - explain

No one knows who I am yet and what kind
of content I produce. So why not focus a topic that 
people are 
already searching for, right?

What happend...


March, 2016:
Cueball was telling Priscilla about Ubuntu the other day, and the conversation was a lot like this:


Cueball speaks

CUEBALL: "So, do you know what Ubuntu is?"


CUEBALL: "It's an operating system for computers. It's free and you can download it from their website."

PRISCILLA: "And why would I want to download it? :confused:"

Priscilla speaks

CUEBALL: "Well, it's got a lot of advantages. It's, well, free...it's very customizable, gets no spyware or viruses, open source etc."

PRISCILLA: "Really? No viruses?"

CUEBALL: "Nope, unless you try extremely hard to get one."

PRISCILLA: "Cool...I'll look it up."



At which point the conversation switched topic to the windy, cold, Autumn weather.


Anyway, so yesterday I head over to his house, and he starts up one of his three computers. The little screen pops up and asks "Ubuntu" or "Windows Vista". He selects Ubuntu, and then starts raving about how great it is.


He then tells me once it starts up that it's wonderful for PORN. He said that he had been browsing tons of sites, and didn't have to worry about any viruses! I was a little taken aback, but I started to laugh afterwords. He said that he got viruses and spyware all the time on Vista, but so far didn't get any on Ubuntu. 


Anyway, I've been thinking about it, and I bet there's probably a lot of people using Linux only for porn, so that they don't get viruses. :eek:


Do you know the signs of suspicious activity? Find out. Recognizing and Dealing With Suspicious Behavior.

Ubuntu uses the information about searches to show the user ads to buy various things from Amazon. Amazon commits many wrongs (see http://stallman.org/amazon.html); by promoting Amazon, Canonical contributes to them. However, the ads are not the core of the problem. The main issue is the spying.


Ubuntu, a widely used and influential GNU/Linux distribution, has installed surveillance code. When the user searches her own local files for a string using the Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu sends that string to one of Canonical's servers. (Canonical is the company that develops Ubuntu.)

If you ever recommend or redistribute GNU/Linux, please remove Ubuntu from the distros you recommend or redistribute. [...] In your install fests, in your Software Freedom Day events, in your FLISOL events, don't install or recommend Ubuntu. Instead, tell people that Ubuntu is shunned for spying. Richard Stallman[1]

If a pretender could be ANYONE... 
then you could have so many and interesting episodes that
the show could last for a long time. 
In the workplace, the hacker or insider can
simply walk in the door, like in the movies, and pretend to be a maintenance worker or
consultant who has access to the organization. Then the intruder struts through the
office until he or she finds a few passwords lying around and
emerges from the building with ample information to
exploit the network from home later that night. 
However, it isn’t
convenient or even remotely easy for some people to just
switch operating systems at the bat of an eye.

Skill gap.
Chances are
you've grown up with a PC a smartphone a

tablet or all three if you're 18 you

could have 12 years of experience using
a computer and let's be honest 
and that means you already 

 know things that older generations have
had to be trained on.

Thanks to the Internet I have 
an incredible amount of information at my fingertips.
no one knows who I am yet and what kind
of content I produce. Know what it's like 

 when starting a YouTube Channel from scratch.

Those vlogging type videos you will get attraction. 
But in the beginning, it's much more difficult
to get attraction if you are not well known.

So why not focus on a topic that people 
are already searching for, right?

Because people go on youtube, 
they wanna find out how do I do something?
And once for having millions of followers and subscribers,
sure, my trip to Europe with Richard Stallman, people
want to know hey, 
what is going on, I wanna know.



What Happens When Your Power Goes Out? This is a new web page... Could this happen to you?

It used to be that when you bought an appliance, you owned it, and you could take it apart, repair it, and plug in whatever accessories you wanted without the manufacturer's knowledge or permission.

Nowadays, software enables devices to do new, useful things, but it also enables manufacturers to exert more control than ever before over their customers. Manufacturers use software to ensure a device serves their financial interests throughout its lifetime, forcing you to go to an authorized repair shop, buy official parts, and stay out of the secret workings of the device that would let you know what it's doing with the data it collects about you.

PRISCILLA: For insider threat tactics, I have a message to share.  If a pretender could be ANYONE... then you could have so many and interesting episodes that the show could last for a long time. To achieve something in the cyber security industry such as creating awareness for her fixation target. This is what the story would be about. I want to convey a good clear message with the aim that "Insider threat tactics" are easily and quickly understood and recognized. This message may have a meaning consisting of a combination of Hardware vs Software, Ubuntu / Linux "GNU is Not Unix, ICS / SCADA, Free Software vs Open Source, IT / OT, physical vs analog/digital and social/reverse engineering which reveals sophisticated high level skilled advanced operating techniques that includes practical knowledge and hands on experience is required. This is my message for Insider threat tactics, human error for your company, coding the law within our government and gmail beta for grandma’s home/small office. It takes place in the present, past and back to the future. Additional Key Words and Phrases: Insider threat, malicious insider threat, unintentional insider threat, masqueraders, traitors, grounded theory for rigorous literature review, 5W1H questions.

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Do you know the signs of suspicious activity? Find out. You are here e-waste by Priscilla