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Insider threat tactics: The hacker speaks by Priscilla

· Priscilla Felicia Harmanus · 1993 from the Netherlands · Last update: 13 juli 2020    

How I discovered Free Software and met RMS 

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Your Grandma on linux - explain

  No one knows who I am yet and what kind
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  Do you know the signs of suspicious activity? Find out. Recognizing and Dealing With Suspicious Behavior.





Windows NT and Linux are already the only two operating systems in the world gaining market share; for reasons Eben Moglen shall be writing about next month, the Linux kernel is poised to eclipse the entire Microsoft product line on machines from the smallest computer devices in the world to the very largest. But once the Microsoft monopoly loses its control over the desktop, the content producers will have lost their best protector. A free software Linux DVD player, as I pointed out last month, can be modified by its users to save the movie being played. The same is true with free software players for streaming audio, and so on. Thus the music and movie industries find themselves in the US courts trying to prevent the development and distribution of free software players for the new audiovisual products.
Moglen / Microsoft, Antitrust, and the Movement

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