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Insider threat tactics: The hacker speaks by Priscilla

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 WHAT'S YOUR DREAM DISTRO? | Insider threat tactics
  Do you know the signs of suspicious activity? Find out. Recognizing and Dealing With Suspicious Behavior.

 WHAT'S YOUR DREAM DISTRO? | Insider threat tactics

Patching Is Failing as a Security Paradigm
Many of the most damaging hacks in recent history were only possible because someone failed to update software.

Consider a car company. It might sell a dozen different types of cars with a dozen different software builds each year. Even assuming that the software gets updated only every two years and the company supports the cars for only two decades, the company needs to maintain the capability to update 20 to 30 different software versions. (For a company like Bosch that supplies automotive parts for many different manufacturers, the number would be more like 200.) The expense and warehouse size for the test vehicles and associated equipment would be enormous.

Alternatively, imagine if car companies announced that they would no longer support vehicles older than five, or ten, years. There would be serious environmental consequences.

We’re already seeing the effects of systems so old that the vendors stopped patching them, or went out of business altogether. Some of the organizations affected by WannaCry were still using Windows XP, an un-patchable 17-year-old operating system that Microsoft stopped supporting in 2014. About 140 million computers worldwide still run that operating system, including most ATMs. A popular shipboard satellite communications system once sold by Inmarsat Group is no longer patched, even though it contains critical security vulnerabilities. This is a big problem for industrial- control systems, because many of them run outdated software and operating systems, and upgrading them is prohibitively expensive because they’re very specialized. These systems can stay in operation for many years and often don’t have big IT budgets associated with them.

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