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Insider threat tactics: The hacker speaks by Priscilla

· Priscilla Felicia Harmanus · 1993 from the Netherlands · Last update: 29 juli 2020    

How I discovered Free Software and met RMS 

How To Install Proprietary Closed Software In Ubuntu 
Your Grandma on linux - explain

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WHO IS YOUR LINUX OR FREE SOFTWARE HERO?  | Insider threat tactics

PRISCILLA: If you hear a geek or an individual with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder(ASD) talk about linux, you don't know what it means. I did not know what it means. When you talk about the system that is basically GNU with Linux added, I'm not sure what it means when he is talking to me about "linux and open source" which was spreading confusion to me all the time. Sometimes he means this piece, sometimes he is talking about the whole GNU plus Linux system. And in less you're an expert enough to figure out which one it has to be I couldn't tell. Linus Torvalds, who had written in 1991 a proprietary kernel "called Linux" (which allocates the machines resources to the other programs you run) released in 1992 the source code under a free software license - the GPLAnd again: “It’s GNU/Linux, of course!” blogger Robert Pogson concurred. “Linux without GNU is useless unless you substitute something for that layer, like Android

The goal is to create a better world, to create a better way to share knowledge. A free community centered world is difficult for people to imagine when they have grown up in a world that constantly tells them that “greed is good.” But where has this greed centered world gotten us? Unchecked greed has led to a world in which billionaires buy our elections and destroy our democracy. Billionaires control the media - prevented people from learning the truth about the world around them.

The GNU General Public License is a software copyleft license developed by my friend Richard M. Stallman. As an end user, there’s a lot to like about the GPL from an ‘ethical’ standpoint. [Proprietary software] meant that the first step in using a computer was to promise not to help your neighbor. A cooperating community was forbidden. The rule made by the owners of proprietary software was, “If you share with your neighbor, you are a pirate. If you want any changes, beg us to make them.”

The idea that the proprietary software social systemthe system that says you are not allowed to share or change software—is antisocial, that it is unethical, that it is simply wrong, may come as a surprise to some readers. But what else could we say about a system based on dividing the public and keeping users helpless?

In 1991, Linus Torvalds posts famous message - ''Hello everybody out there..." - and releases Linux first code. In 1992, Linus licenses Linux under the GPL. An important decision that will contribute to its success in the coming years. The GNU General Public License, or GPL for short, is a copyleft license for software developed by my friend Richard M. Stallman.

Linus Torvalds posts famous message - ''Hello everybody out there...

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Richard Stallman: GNU, Linux & Linus Torvalds (in Frankfurt, Germany)






PRISCILLA has never actually heard someone call it “GNU/Linux,” she said. “One of the questions was, ‘Who do you trust more: Someone who uses linux or someone who calls it GNU/Linux?'” she recounted. “

Really, Stallman and Torvalds are quite different in their views! Just lump all the alternative geeks together. 😉

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