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How I discovered Free software and met RMS
Insider threat tactics: How I discovered Free Software and met Richard M. Stallman(RMS) Priscilla F. Harmanus
How I discovered Free software and met RMS
PRISCILLA: I am in search of an easy way to explain to others what free software is and why it matters, wondering why I myself should be concerned about computer-user freedom. Free software was always there but I was living in a largely non-technical life. In the 21st century one could say I got involved with free software when I was a child because software was free...

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How I discovered Free Software and met RMS 

How to install proprietary closed software in Ubuntu 

Insider threat tactics: The hacker speaks by Priscilla

· Priscilla Felicia Harmanus · 1993 from the Netherlands · Last update: 21 aug 2020     


No one knows who I am yet and what kind
of content I produce. So why not focus on a topic that 
people are 
already searching for, right?


WHO IS YOUR LINUX OR FREE SOFTWARE HERO?  | Insider threat tactics


to be continuedFree speech not beer

More information about this event...

to be continuedMy trip with Richard Stallman

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Free Software vs Open Source

OT TIVO has spent the last ten years fruitlessly trying to catch linux up with proprietary software... "Pronouncing: GNU is Not Unix"

Chances are

you've grown up with a PC a smartphone a

tablet or all three if you're 18 you

could have 12 years of experience using

a computer and let's be honest

and that means you already

know things that older generations have

had to be trained on.

After the Software Wars - Keith Curtis 2010

GNU Users Who Have Never Heard Of GNU by Richard Stallman

Most people have never heard of GNU. Even most of the people who use the GNU system have never heard of GNU, since so many people and companies teach them to call it “Linux”. Indeed, GNU users often say they are “running Linux”, which is like saying you are “driving your carburetor” or “driving your transmission”...

You have seen Ubuntu/Linux installed in a friends PC...
"That's a nice program, can I have a copy"?

A girl like me seeing the name “GNU” for the first time in “GNU GRUB version 2. 02-beta2-36ubuntu3.18” 
won't immediately know what it represents, but I become one step closer to finding out. 

As I’ve noted previously, WordPress is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2. The text of version 2 of the GPL has accompanied every release of WordPress since its inception, in the license.txt file included in each download.


WordPress and GPL Everything you need to know

If you use WordPress, the GPL should matter to you, and you should understand it. 

Check out the most comprehensive guide about Wordpress and the GPL.

If you use WordPress, the GPL should matter to you. 📜 Check out its pros and cons. 

The GNU General Public License Explained

Start by Knowing Your Goals

“Freedom is still the most radical idea of all.

The Free Software revolution has taken the industry by storm. Linux, started from scratch not even 10 years ago, has been the favorite kernel of the Free Software world. The ideas and experience gained from Free Software have truly sent Linux and the Free Software Foundation's GNU tools all over the world. Free systems such as Debian GNU/Linux ship with literally thousands of applications, and they have more power and stability, and outperform some of the industry's traditional best-selling proprietary operating systems.

Today, GNU/Linux plays a dominant role in Internet servers and among ISPs, in academia, among computer hobbyists, and in computer science research. Debian GNU/Linux has brought the power of Free Software to everything from laptops to flights aboard the Space Shuttle. As I write this, companies the world over are experiencing the joy and benefits that are Free Software. The unprecedented power, the ability to speak directly to the people who write the software you use, the capability to modify programs at will, and the phenomenal expertise of the online support mechanism all combine to make Free Software a vibrant and wonderful way to use your computing resources.

Starting with a Free Software such as Debian GNU/Linux can be the best thing you've done with your computer in a long time. It's fast, powerful, stable, versatile, and fun!

Welcome to the revolution!

— John Goerzen

Could this happen to you?

Free Software Matters:
When Code Isn't Law

Eben Moglen*

April 23, 2000

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